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Dragon Booklist

I know I always want to read about dragons, and it looks like the rest of Tumblr does too. SO I’ve compiled a list of my favorite dragon books for you guys to pick up and enjoy! Feel free to add to the list, maybe you guys have something I haven’t read!

Dragon’s Milk (The Dragon Chronicles) by Susan Fletcher

Kaeldra is a young girl who is rumored to be able to communicate with dragons. When her foster-sister falls sick with vermillion fever, that rumor is put to the test. Kaeldra is forced to seek out the dragons and acquire their milk - the only cure to the otherwise-deadly disease. However, the seemingly impossible task becomes even more impossible when Kaeldra suddenly becomes the sole caretaker of three baby draclings.

Includes: awesome female protagonists, adventure, women bonding with dragons, well-intentioned but chaotic dragon babies, dragons who are neither “good” nor “evil”

Dealing with Dragons (The Enchanted Forest Chronicles) by Patricia Wrede

Cimorene isn’t a “proper” princess. She’s stubborn, curious, intelligent, smart-mouthed… and bored. So bored, that when her parents attempt to marry her off to a well-intentioned but utterly dull prince from the neighboring country, she runs away to live with dragons instead.

Includes: the princess choosing the dragon, dragon politics, princesses refusing to be rescued because they prefer living with the dragon thank you very much, princess saving the day, intelligent princesses who know Latin and fencing and can make cherries jubilee

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

A truce has been made between humans and dragons, but hatred between the species still runs deep. For Seraphina, her very existence is dangerous - to be half-human, half-dragon is to be reviled by both. To be a half-breed living in the palace? Even worse. And when plots emerge to break the truce between humans and dragons and start the war all over again, Seraphina gets thrown right in the thick of it.

Includes: half-human half-dragon heroine, Vulcan-esque dragons, dragons who can take the form of humans, well-developed romance, emotional relationships between humans and dragons, music, intrigue

The Last Dragonlord by Joanne Bertin

 Linden Rathan is a Dragonlord, an immortal weredragon that can transform between human and dragon at will. Linden has been alone for 600 years, the only Dragonlord not to have a soultwin. When he is called to help prevent a civil war in a human Kingdom, he meets Maurynna, a young ship’s captain   who he immediately recognizes as his soultwin. The only problem? She’s human.

Includes: weredragons, well-developed romance, political intrigue, powerful female characters, soul mates, a unique take on dragon lives and culture, guys who are good with kids

Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle) by Christopher Paolini

Eragon lives with his cousin and uncle in a small village in the country of Alagaesia, a kingdom ruled by a tyrant. While he loves to hear stories of the legendary Dragonriders in times long past, he never dreams that he is one. When Eragon stumbles across a dragon egg, he is no longer a farm boy - he is the last Dragonrider, the only hope for all the people who oppose the king and wish for the reign of Dragonriders to begin once more.

Includes: humans bonding with dragons, adventure, magic, battles, elves and dwarves, politics and cultures, characters developing from children to well-rounded adults, sacrifice, revolution

Dragonkeeper (The Dragonkeeper Trilogy) by Carole Wilkinson

In the Han Dynasty in China, the emperor keeps the imperial dragons locked away. Now, when the last dragon is in danger of execution, a nameless servant girl helps him to escape. Now, she must help the dragon escape from sorcerers and dragon hunters to reach freedom. On this journey, she must also discover the depths of her own abilities and the courage she didn’t know she had to become the true Dragon Keeper.

Includes: Chinese dragons, magic, journeys to self-discovery,  sass, Asian culture, adventure, characters becoming who they were meant to be

Dragonsbane by Barbara Hambly

When the dragon Morkeleb threatens the kingdom, the people seek out John Aversin,the only man currently alive to have slain a dragon. He agrees to help, accompanied by Jenny Waynest, a half-taught sorceress and the mother of John’s children. Upon their arrival in the kingdom, they realize that it isn’t just a dragon they have to deal with: a sorceress much more powerful than Jenny has hold over the king. The situation is much more perilous than they realized - and for some reason, the dragon is fascinated with Jenny.

Includes: deeply intelligent and chaotic-evil dragons, sorcereresses, nerdy dragonslayers, magic, political intrigue, unmarried couples with children, magic, choices between power and love

Dragonsong (Harper Hall Trilogy) by Anne McCaffrey

Menolly lives in a sea hold on Pern, a planet where dangerous Thread falls from the sky and kills whomever it touches. Menolly dreams of being a Harper one day, but her dream is dismissed as inappropriate by her family and Hold, as Harpers are only men. After running away from home, Menolly gets caught in a Threadfall, and takes refuge in a cave that happens to be inhabited - by fire lizards.

Includes: miniature dragons, music, the desire to follow one’s own path, miniature dragons that sing, sexism, humans and dragons bonding

Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey

On the planet of Pern, the biggest threat to survival is the dangerous and deadly Thread that falls from the sky. To combat it, humans formed special bonds with intelligent, firebreathing dragons, and wage war against the Thread in the sky. (23 book series, spanning over 2 1/2 millennia)

Includes: telepathic bonds between dragons and humans, dragon hierarchy, politics, genetically-created dragons, multiple generations, romance

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Can we talk about how happy Emma must have been to find her parents waiting up for after the date?



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Snow and Charming, A+ parenting

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Finally, she didn’t miss an important occasion of her daughter.

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inspired by [x]

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inspo (x)

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thinking about the elric brothers like


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We try to watch films together, and it starts off well, but somehow we always end up out of sync. 

i cant tell you how much this cartoon means to me…

http://www.watch2gether.com/this will fix that problem :)

Or Synchtube! It’s more simple in layout and it can handle more hosting/video services (like Google Drive)





We try to watch films together, and it starts off well, but somehow we always end up out of sync. 

i cant tell you how much this cartoon means to me…


this will fix that problem :)

Or Synchtube! It’s more simple in layout and it can handle more hosting/video services (like Google Drive)

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does everyone just forget that percy said he was proud to be related to frank

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I really like how you color?? It looks so cool like hella rad


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[a random photoset of dipper being an IRL dweeb]

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He’s completely oblivious to all the attention he’s garnering 

Percy had the vague sensation a lot of people were staring at him, and not just because of the hideously bright orange camp tshirt. He looked to one side and well, there were fish. He was in an aquarium, gathering material for his studies in eel behavior. He expected to see fish. It’d be weird not to see fishy, waterborne creatures in an aquarium. He also had the strange sensation someone was calling his name.

He pulled off an earplug, and was assaulted by humans whispering and fish praises.

"Lord Perseus, Lord Perseus!"

"… is this part of the aquarium’s shows, like, how did they train them??"

Only when he heard that last whisper was that he noticed the fish were following him.

You see, fish aren’t the brightest of Poseidon’s subjects. Even the smartest of them wasn’t exactly really good when it came to realizing what was the smart thing to do. So what did they do when Percy walked into the aquarium?

They started following him around.

Right then, a small girl ran up to the glass, her harried parent right on her heels, but before the man could scoop her up, she knocked on the plexiglass acrylic wall of the exhibit.

The fish let out loud complaints and scattered, while the man tried to console the little girl, whose dark skin was gaining a really ugly shade of red from trying to pretend she wasn’t upset the fish ran away. The spell was broken when she let out a loud wail, and people started to disperse.

Percy looked around before walking up to the man and his daughter, who was currently pulling on the man’s dreadlocks, asking daddy why did the fishies run from her.

"Hey, princess. Wanna see a cool thing?" He asked, and turned to the tank. "Hey, you guys." He called. A whole school of fish stopped in its tracks and looked at Percy.

We, Lord Perseus?

"Yeah, you guys. C’mere." They approached, their shiny scales reflecting light from all around. "Now, uh…?"

"My name is Julie!" She said happily, fascinated by the fish.

"Ok, Julie. What do you want to see?"


"Guys," he turned to the fish, awaiting, "you heard the lady."

Instantly they made a penguin shape, and zoomed and flapped around, while Julie squealed in delight. She stretched her hand to knock on the glass again, but Percy held her hand.

"Fish don’t like it when you knock on the glass. It gives them ouchies in the head." He told her.

Julie made a ‘oh’ and resumed watching happily her show of fish mimic, who now pretended to be a hippocampus.

"Uh, how did you do that?" The father asked, not quite believing what the boy in front of him did.

"Uh." Percy started eloquently. "I’m studying to be a marine biologist, sir—"


"Percy. You see, we ocean people know a thing or two about fish." He said, jokingly, and told the fish to bow down and Julie thanked them, before making a hasty retreat.

Too much adventures in the mortal world for today.

Percy`s never been really good at coming up with good excuses haha!

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A conversation that's going to happen

SALLY: I'm not sure I trust these California types. The Roman Hera basically kidnapped you, then the legion sent you and your friends off with no supplies, and then they elected a leader who was going to have you all executed. Frank and Hazel seem all right but maybe you and Annabeth shouldn't go and live with--
PERCY: They're giving me a full ride to college.
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